Getting Healthy with TERRAfit Week 9


Well this week with TERRAfit I lost another pound! I amped up the exercise this past week hoping to see a bigger loss on the scale but I guess that wasn’t meant to be. My body seems to want to do this slow and steady, and while that won’t win me the TERRAfit competition I’m happy with that. I’m hoping that by losing slowly this will be easier for me to maintain after the challenge is over. Even though I only lost a pound my clothes are fitting looser, so I’m hoping that means that I gained muscle, which I’ve been told weighs more than fat. 🙂

Someone asked me the other day how I incorporate the Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend products into my daily routine so I thought I’d share with you all too. Usually 4-5 times a week I drink a TrimShake, I love the vanilla, it taste great and is so versatile. I make it for either breakfast or lunch and add half a banana, strawberries, or blueberries, chia seeds and spinach. I also take 2-3 of the Metabolic Blend soft gels. They are wonderful at helping curb my appetite so that I don’t over eat, so instead of going back for seconds I actually find myself not being able to finish my first plate…woohoo!

While I love the Slim & Sassy products I want to stress that they are not what’s causing me to lose weight…I use them to help support my body while I’m doing so. This journey has taught me so much about the importance of eating correctly. I don’t need to live to eat but to eat to live. That has been a huge struggle for me but after seeing how eating healthy has improved the way I feel I know it has all been worth it. If anyone wants to know more about TERRAfit feel free to comment or email me at, I’ll be glad to help! Have a blessed week!


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