Getting Healthy with TERRAfit Week 11


Well another week and another half a pound gone. There’s only one week of TERRAfit left, I cannot believe how fast this challenge has blown by. I’ve decided to go ahead and do the next challenge. I’m so close to my 15 pound goal, if I can lose 15-20 pounds during the next challenge I will be on cloud 9!


I started TERRAfit with the hopes of a huge weight loss, but I realize now that I was setting myself up for disappointment. I think I went into this thinking it was going to be like all the “success” stories you see on TV where a person takes a pill or does a certain workout routine and loses 20 pounds overnight. In reality it takes a healthy diet and hard work to make that happen, well at least to make it happen and make it stick. My diet may not be 100% where it needs to be but it is so much better than it was 12 weeks ago. I’m extremely proud of that, because not only am I eating better but so are my kids. They’re getting a healthy diet full of fresh foods. I don’t even want to think about all the nasty chemicals and additives that we were eating before I started this challenge. My hope is that my kids will grow up healthy and not have to fight their weight and eating habits like I have.

Have a wonderful and blessed week and keep your fingers crossed for me as I go into my last week of TERRAfit!


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