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Do you ever wonder why there are so many health problems plaguing you, and everyone you know?  Well we did, and we decided to figure out how to help our families lead a healthier lifestyle…we may not be there 100% yet, but we’re working on it, and loving every minute!

We are two sisters and a daughter/niece from rural Kentucky. Pam, the oldest sister, still lives in Kentucky with her husband Joe and has two wonderful children, both now grown with families of their own. Shawna, Pam’s daughter, also lives in Kentucky with her husband George and their 2 sons. And I, Pam’s younger sister, live in Southern Indiana with my husband Andrew, and our two young sons. Pam and I never lived together, about the time I was born she was getting married and starting her own family. With 19 years between us (our parents definitely spaced us out…we also have a brother, 8 years younger than Pam, 11 years older than me) you can imagine that we weren’t close as I was growing up. It wasn’t all bad though, Shawna is just a little under a year younger than me so she was a surrogate sister when we were growing up. Trust me we fought just like real sisters. Fortunately, in the last 5 years or so, Pam and I have grown to be each other’s best friends. Life without a sister must be a very lonely life.


So what does living healthier mean?  Well for us it means eating less processed food, and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables (some even from our own gardens), using our favorite essential oils to help optimize our family’s health, preserving our own food, and making what we can with our own two hands.  Follow us along our journey as we figure out how to guide our families down this wonderful road, a simpler road, one we feel that takes us back the way our ancestors lived, back to the Simple Rustic Life!


Pam, Jenny, & Shawna

Thank you for following us on our journey.



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