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Are you looking for natural solutions for you and your family?  Whether you are looking to replace toxic health and beauty products, or synthetic medications we can help!  Join our team…we can help by teaching you how to help your own family, and share natural healthcare with others…

Not only have we found the solutions to these problems, but our financial futures have been forever changed…  Sharing essential oils with family and friends is just second nature.  If you go to a great restaurant won’t you share that with your friends?  Of course you would, just as you will share how essential oils have helped you!

Even though our team is rapidly growing, we have maintained that personal touch, each member has access to our leaders by phone, text and email.  In person too, as our schedules allow!  We TRULY want you to succeed in your essential oil journey.  You will never be just a number with us!!!

Our special group offers private FaceBook pages where we can discuss health issues and the business side of this wonderful essential oil company.  Your membership will also gain you access to a wonderful site which will give you a true essential oils education,  once you are enrolled just go in and register at  Once you join our team you will use your Wellness Advocate number to register there.

When I first joined this company I had no intention of doing the business side.  I couldn’t help but to share my experiences with others though, the business just began to happen.  This is the most amazingly, rewarding “unintentional” business I have ever been involved with.  If you enjoy helping others, we should talk.  You will continually hear stories of how this company and its members have changed peoples lives, both personally and financially, through helping and serving others!  These stories are what keeps me motivated and knowing that I am doing the right thing.  Life is an adventure, and I feel each step of my adventure has led me here today…  I am so thankful for this wonderful adventure…”My Life”!

Join our team as we work to make a difference in this world we live in!

Contact me at: to learn about the brand of essential oils I use and highly recommend!

I’d be happy to give you a call to discuss how we can help you get started…


Simple Rustic Life

Simple Rustic Life


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