How To Bring Comfort During A Time Of Loss

Life surrounds us with great joy, each and every day we can see miracles all around us…  We find comfort through these miracles!  We just need to open our eyes, and our hearts, to see them.  Take the time today to cherish those around you, look for that little miracle just waiting to be seen.  Find comfort in the miracles all around you!

I wanted to remind you to look for these miracles.  Life itself is a miracle.  God created us, and He knows we need the peace, comfort, and assurance brought to us by the miracles He provides.  They help us through the rough times and remind us that we have hope.  This has been a rough week for many of my loved ones, I feel the hurt and restlessness all around…


For me, it has been a week of loss.  Life comes to an end…  At times its somewhat expected, especially if someone has been sick or of the more aged amongst us.  No matter how much we know it is inevitable, we still can not be prepared when their time is up.  Other times, we are in shock when a young person is taken by death.  We somehow expect to always have another chance to see them again, to tell them how much they have meant to us by being a part of our lives.  Take the time to reach out to those whom you haven’t seen for awhile, maybe it’s those you grew up with but haven’t seen for awhile. Even if it’s been years since you connected you may find your friendship means as much to them as it does to you…

As we bid farewell to those who have gone on before us we mourn our loss, not theirs.  We are the ones who must go on without them.  Cherish those memories you have…  Hold them close to your heart and share those memories with others.

In looking for comfort today, through writing and sharing my feelings here, I’m diffusing a Comforting Blend of essential oils, and taking the time to let myself feel my loss and accepting that’s its okay.  So many times we don’t allow ourselves to feel, we rush past it and hold it all inside.   I’m just starting to learn how essential oils can help sooth our emotions, they can even help us to release those emotions we hold inside.  Here’s what I’m diffusing today, and I’ll share what I am wearing to surround myself with uplifting scents to comfort and bring peace.

Diffusing:  Comforting Blend OR Reassuring Blend

Topically I’m Using:  Comforting Blend and a Joyful Blend, alternately or together, see how they speak to you.  Listen to your instincts.  I consider our instincts to be God whispering to us telling us what we need…  Just knowing this brings comfort to my heart and soul!

After comforting we need to bring in some joy.  The amazing part of this is that when we use essential oils topically not only can they help us, but they can help others around us by bringing them the same great benefits we get.  Essentially we become a human diffuser…  I love that I may be able to help others too <3

***Contact me to find out the brand of essential oils I use and find out how to get them at the very best price.  I honestly feel they are the very best there is!
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