Bikinis Already…OH MY!

I walked into our local Target the other day…and what did I see?  BIKINIS, Already,
OH MY…!!!

In the cold of winter is this really what I want to see?  NO… It’s so cold right now, and I’m so PALE.  I can’t even begin to imagine putting this body into one of those things… eeeeekkkkk…

bikini top

Then when I go beyond the cold and pale issue, I realize I could be in better shape, and could stand to lose a few pounds…  We all know it’s not just about losing weight, but it’s mainly about getting our bodies healthier from the inside out, and moving.  We all need exercise! I have all that I need at my fingertips, now to just start using it on a daily basis….  My treadmill sits silently in my mini office as a storage area for various clothing items that I have no clue where to put.  It haunts me, the image of a thinner, stronger me.  It taunts me, teasing me relentlessly.  It’s time my procrastination comes to an end!!!

Join me in The Slim & Sassy program and lets all be a little healthier and thinner by the time spring rolls around…my supplies are here, treadmill cleaned off…LET US BEGIN

SlimSassyKit, bikinis

To Order Your Trim Kit:…/produ…/slim-sassy-trim-enrollment-kit/

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