Zen the Sick Little Lionhead Rabbit

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I wanted to share my story, so bear with me…Meet my bunny ZEN!  Her name is ever important, and you will find out where it came from in a little bit.

When I very first got Zen she came in a small group of five babies I had recently purchased.  When I picked them up I knew there would be a possibility that they could get sick or ill, as there is always that risk when purchasing any animals from farms, flea markets, or anyplace of that sort.  But, that is okay because I have always quarantined everything I’ve bought to make sure they are safe before introducing them into our happy family.  It’s a good rule of thumb to always quarantine new additions! 

Well, things where going well and I thought I was in the clear till day 4…… (dun dun dunhh!)
I went out to feed and water, as I always do, and check everyone to make sure they where happy and healthy, and what did I find….a dead baby rabbit in the bottom of the cage (one of the five in quarantine).  I got so upset, nothing was wrong the day before, everybody was fine… I got to looking at the kit and it had a poopy butt, which it didn’t have the day before.  I thought, “Oh no, they are getting sick”.  The place I picked them up had this going on, this is the biggest reason I was watching them so close, even more so than the normal quarantine.  I checked everyone else, and I found my favorite doe kit I had bought with the poopy butt going on too. (OH NO)   At this particular time the only thing I knew to do was to adjust their diet, and give them lots of hay.  I started treating them all the way I was told to in the past.  Two days later she (my favorite) got lethargic, wouldn’t eat or drink, and by the next day she was gone!!! 🙁 
I was starting to give up hope at this point, and just prayed and crossed my fingers no one else got it. I cleaned the cage really well, and hoped for the best. The next day I went out and the silver kit had gotten jelly butt, which is really bad.  I brought her in to keep a close monitor on her, and cleaned the outside cage again trying to prevent the two that where left from getting it. 
I started racking my brain….then I thought about my oils!!!!!  (aha)  When we had digestive issues in the past we have always fallen back on a digestive blend of essential oils for upset tummies, or anything of the sort.  I figured at this point it wouldn’t hurt to try, because if I didn’t do something, I was going to loose her anyway.  Knowing that rabbits are extremely sensitive to just about everything, I knew I had a 50-50 chance of saving her life. 
I flipped her upside down, pried her little mouth open, and held the bottle above her mouth, and dropped 2 drops of oil into her mouth.  She didn’t like it…lol  She made a face, wiggled her little nose, and rubbed her mouth with her little front feet…!  After she got settled, I monitored her closely to see if she had any effects from the essential oil blend.  She did fine…!  I was shocked, relieved and so happy, all at the same time.  By the third day she was eating, and drinking, and pooping her normal rabbit pellet balls like she was supposed to!  I was tickled to pieces, I’d found something that would work, and now I knew how to fix it, if it ever happens again.  Essential oils are a true blessing!  
 Now if you haven’t already figured it out, I named ZEN after the digestive blend of oil that I used which I thought was appropriately fitting for her, since it helped her so much…  If you’d like more information on this oil please email me at simplerusticlifeblog@gmail.com
I have only tried this once, and only on one rabbit, so I can’t say they will always be fine, or that it will work every time.  But I thought I would share our amazing story!
Shawna and Zen

Zen As She Is Today!

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